Judy Fitzgibbons, MS, RD - I think these could be useful for folks trying to get a handle on portion sizes—especially those things that roll around.

Customer Review - I bought one put the poster on the fridge and the rings in the bag on top of the fridge and caught my male partner using them as I hoped would happen. I am back buying several more as gifts...highest recommendation....

Deb Russo RN-C, BSN, CDE - I like that the rings seem very durable. The color coding is great and I think the book is easy to follow. I've sent this on to one of our dieticians to start using with her patients to review as well.

Joanne Feldman, RDN, CDE - PortionMate is easy to use and the patients like the colors to help in identifying each size. It helps my patients see how to make better decisions when building their plate.

Katherine Hines, RD, LD, CDE - I have to say it is a very easy product to use. The color coding is very straight forward. The booklet is very good and easy to use as well. I thought it was great that several places in the book it was noted to consult with your physician or dietitian. The information was detailed and helpful.

Heather Harpster, MS, RD, LDN, CDE - The PortionMate system is a great measuring tool for individuals trying to lose weight, improve their blood sugar values or overall health. The color coded cylinders help teach individuals what appropriate portion sizes are for different foods. I recommend the PortionMate measuring tools to many of my clients.

Patti Geil, MS, RDN, CDE, co-author of What Do I Eat Now? A Step by Step Guide to Eating Right with Type 2 Diabetes - Colorful, outside-the-box approach to managing "portion distortion", which can sabotage even the best intentions of healthy eaters. Appeals to visual learners of all ages.

John N. Frank, The No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar Journal - When it comes to judging what are proper food servings for various foods, I was intrigued to see a new product offering help, the PortionMate ... and I think it could help some people to measure out their portions more precisely.

Hillary M. Wright, MEd, RD, LDN - Over the last thirty years consumer impressions of what is a "normal portion" have become increasingly skewed by what they see in restaurants. Most people are visual learners, so PortionMate measuring tools are great for helping me retrain my clients on more healthful portion sizes. This is particularly helpful those with or at risk for diabetes where portion control of carbohydrate containing foods is critical to controlling their condition.

Lynn Cicero, M.S., R.D. - I think the product is very useful and reasonably priced. The booklet is well done.

Debbie Zlomek, RN, CDE, CPT - I have used PortionMate in educational sessions with patients. It is great for low literacy and those that really want something quick and simple. By having something tangible makes it more real to patients.

Carol Ireton-Jones, PhD, RDN, LD, CNSC, FASPEN - Working with clients means reaching people in many different ways when it comes to portion control. Portion size is key to weight management but also to managing intake of certain foods that can cause GI symptoms if taken in large portion sizes. Some people understand "measuring cups" while others need a true visual of a food on a plate. I used Portionmate with clients to give them another frame of reference in estimating portion size.

Alexa Sparkman, MA, RDN, LD - I use the sample in my office to help people visualize portion. I've never used food models...hate them! But portionmate is a great way to help my clients stay in reality about their food intake.

Cheryl Kaylie, RD, CDN - Patients like the product!

Jenny Sugar, PopSugar Fitness - Must-have product to keep portions under control.

Bernadette Festa, MS RD CSO - Works well as reminder, also small enough to be portable.

Ashley Harper Evans RDN, The Gypsy Dietitian - For someone serious about losing weight and controlling portion sizes, I think that this product would be very beneficial. Targeted especially to Diabetics looking to more accurately control carbohydrate intake as well, this product would be a great teaching tool for not only diabetics but those interested in weight loss as well!

Joan S. Frank, MS, RDN - I purchased a set of your Portion Mates last Fall and love them. Great teaching tool for the students!

Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE - PortionMate™ is a great visual tool as it works by placing the rings on your plate or in your bowl then placing the food inside the cylinder, therefore providing an accurate measure of your portions.

Alice Baland, “America’s Good Eating Expert!” ™ - PortionMate is a practical tool for your health success. Do you dislike weighing or measuring food? Want to manage your weight, blood sugars, or portions easily? You can with this handy kit. These colorful circles are matched to the foods in the corresponding booklet that shows you all the food groups (like green for vegetable). You simply put the foods you want to measure inside the appropriate circle and you get the right amount. It’s that easy. PortionMate is easy, convenient and top rack dishwasher safe (I washed them in mine and they look lovely). Be sure to get a set for yourself, for travel, for clients, family and upcoming gifts. It’s a fun way to mindfully choose the portions that are right for YOU!

Nancy Oliveira, MS, RD, LDN, FitMamaEats! - These are fantastic teaching tools for certain conditions like diabetes where accuracy of carbohydrate portions is vital. Most of us need re-education on proper portions of starches like grains, pasta and cereals as well as nutritious but high-calorie foods like nuts, seeds and dried fruit. After using these tools for a time, you will be able to visually recognize what portions should be of various foods so that you may not need to measure your food every time you eat. The Nutrition and Meal Planning Guide includes a quick calorie reference of foods within each group. Keep in mind that these PortionMate rings are also useful if you're trying to gain weight!

Tammie Gimenez, MHS,RD,LD - PortionMate is a tool that is helpful when working with low literacy clients and teaching children portion control. I like the booklet that describes the food groups and color coded pages. A square purple cube (1oz) would be beneficial for clients when measuring cubed foods such as cheese.

Sara M. Flores RD - PortionMates is a quick and easy way to measure out portions without needing to use special plates or scales.

Lizette DuBay Courtney, RDN, LD - PortionMate is an excellent tool for an RD to use to instruct her clients or patients on correct portions for all types of foods. Once instructed by the RD or appropriately experienced professional, it is an excellent tool and resource for a client or patient to use to make sure their food portions are accurate and consistent. "Eyeballing" portions is often a recipe for overestimation or underestimation of foods and for both carb control and weight loss it is important for an individual to have an accurate way of measuring. The nesting property of the rings makes it easily portable and they are also easy to clean. I am excited to have PortionMate as a tool I can offer my clients or patients who need more visual help with portion control.

Debi Zvi RD/CDN- PortionMate is a fun, fast, easy way to make sure you control your portions. It is also fun for kids and great for whose who are counting carbohydrates.

Kristen Bourque, RD, the Swanky Dietitian - I have been using this with patients and it has been another great visual to help with controlling portion sizes.

Gretchen Scalpi, RD, CDE - PortionMate™ allows you to quickly and easily measure out the perfect portion of just about any food you put on your plate. Its design is so streamlined and simple, yet it works incredibly well!

Teresa Grasso, RD, CDE - Portions are so important when following any type of diet. The Portionmate tool is great for anyone looking to really monitor the portions they are eating. It is quick, easy tool and easy to use on the go!

Lauren Bloom, MHA RD CDE CDN - As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator I find that portion mate is an excellent visual and hands on tool to teach clients the concept of portion control for weight management. PortionMate supports the education a client receives in our session and is an easy take home item for anyone to use to prepare calorie controlled meals. I would recommend PortionMate to anyone who is looking for a fast, easy and functional tool to help with their weight loss goal!

Tracey Haag, RN, BSN, CDE - This is a great tool to help families determine the appropriate serving size. It is important for insulin dosing to be as accurate as possible with serving sizes.

Kait Fortunato Greenberg, RD, LD - PortionMate, a tool that helps with portioning out foods for meals and snacks in a fun, effective way. PortionMate can help you on your journey to intuitive eating, helping you portion out the correct amounts of foods you enjoy. The products fit directly on your dinner plate and can allow you to serve food in the correct servings for your whole family!

Susan B. Dopart, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. - I think they could be very helpful for folks who needs parameters for portion control.

Melanie Buschkoetter, RD, CDE - We are always looking for tools to help guide out patients in controlling their portion sizes. I also love that it is BPA free.

Lori Downs, RN, CDE - I do like the product and would be willing to recommend it to appropriate clients.

Lisa Wilby, RD LDN - I think many people will benefit from PortionMate!

Cindy Hoganson, RN - I absolutely love it and will be sure to use it as teaching material with my diabetes clients and my nursing students. I wish you the most success with this product as I find there is a great need for it.

Rebecca Bitzer MS RD - PortionMate provides a great new opportunity for individuals to learn about the foods they are eating from reading the Nutrition and Meal Planning Guide, as well as learning how much of each food to eat by using the measuring tool. The color coded rings make it easy to categorize the portion sizes for different types of foods. An individual could either use the tools as measuring cups or just as a visual for how much they should have on their plate. The book provides excellent basic nutrition information for a variety of common foods.

Melissa Majumdar, RD, LDN, CPT - It looks like a great tool to get patients started with measuring without having to use measuring cups. The guide book helps patients determine when to use each size and color for different food groups. The color coding makes for a quick reference. Portion Mate is a helpful tool for portion control without being obtrusive during the meal. The bright colors are fun!

Allison Blessen, RD, LDN - Helpful for helping patient visualize sizes without having to use measuring tools

Jill Eilenberger, LCSW, LMFT, CEDS - I loved the booklet. I think it is best to just memorize portion sizes for life and stick to it.

Kathryn Ebert, RD LD - I think portion mate is on to a great idea- the book is very informational.

Mary A. Reyes RN, CDE - This makes it easier to teach portion control they can see the amounts!

Linda Ghiron, MS, RD, LDN - I love the bright colors. The PortionMate rings are so easy to use!

Ronni Litz Julien, MS, RD/LDN - Wonderful VISUAL teaching aid, with bright colors! Kids loving it!

Katie Kage, PhD, RD, HFS - PortionMate is an easy visual tool for clients who are having trouble grasping appropriate portion sizes of common foods in their diet. I believe that if a client is serious about weight loss and is looking for tips on how to learn to portion certain foods PortionMate is a good visual tool to utilize.

Mary Gray Hutchison, MPH RD LDN - Portionmate is a useful tool to help individuals monitor and measure their portion sizes without having to pull out measuring cups and measuring spoons. It is portable and useful device for anyone trying to control their portions.

Diane M Luther RN BSN CDE - Clever idea to assist in measuring appropriate portions. Easy to recognize food group by color and no having to read the side of a cup so there can be more accurate measurement for children or those with poor vision. Good basic healthy eating information in the accompanying booklet for someone with diabetes or just working to have a healthier lifestyle. Also convenient to carry with you in a purse or on vacation.

Karla Whitley, R.D., L.D. - I like the look of the colorful rings and also the fact that they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe. This is another tool that dietitian's may find helpful to identify portions when working one-on-one with patients. The colors and novelty may be especially appealing to the younger patient. It's a great way to introduce the idea of portion size. The accompanying manual is a handy reference for the carbohydrate and Calorie content of a wide variety of foods

Anne VanMeerbeke RD, CDE - Nice idea, very colorful and easy to use. You must read the guide first. Of course; anyone dieting finds some tricks to get more food but the intent I think is to keep it level with the cylinder. It is very beneficial for teaching people about proper portion size and repetition gives a very visual perspective. I love the fact that’s its dishwasher safe!

Heidi McIndoo, MS RD - PortionMate is a great tool to help you visualize what actual serving sizes are for all kinds of foods. Knowing how much you are eating (and should be eating) are crucial tools for eating healthy.

Diana Cullum-Dugan, RD LDN - Perfect tools to use when learning portion sizes. Foolproof!

Teresa Corabi Kociszewski - I just recieved my Portionmates - what a great idea

Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., C.D.E. - It is an interesting concept - quite different from the typical plate.

Susan Thomas RD, LDN, CDE - You have a nice product.

Carol Molfetta, RDN, CDE - I conduct in services for healthcare professionals and workshops for consumers. I would like to introduce attendees to your portion tool.

Marilyn Wadum, RD - I'm always looking for 'tools' that can be helpful to our patients. The majority of our patients have diabetes as a result of their weight gain.

Marissa Kent, MS, RD, CDE - Looks easy to use and very portable. I would recommend it.

Brittany Hunter RD/LD - I am interested in these for my private practice clients.

Shraddha Chaubey, MS,RD,CD I love the idea and concept.

Sheridan Diamond-Thompson, MS, RD - I'm a registered dietician working with diabetics, pre-diabetics, women with GDM, etc and I love this idea!!!! Wish I'd thought of it myself. My clients would love these!

Elizabeth Neumann, RD, LD - I would recommend with my diabetic and renal patients.

Jackie Shendo - Cleveland Clinic - PortionMate is a great product for the classroom setting or as an aid in nutrition programs.

Leslie Goldstein, RD, CDE - I believe my clients could certainly benefit from it.

Stephanie Musillo, RD - I look forward to testing out your product and sharing it with my patients. Any tool to help them manage their diabetes would be greatly appreciated!